Work should be fun, because if we have fun it doesn’t feel like work and even stress becomes a positive thing. Unfortunately, some jobs bring along a few factors, that can become real fun killers. On the long run, those fun killers are likely to result in dissatisfaction and lack of motivation.

Now, talking about me. I like working in consulting as I’m pleased to share my knowledge, I enjoy the project work and I appreciate the opportunities to work with different people on new topics repeatedly. This means I do something that is fun to me. However, reality can be different. Long and rather stressful working days, usually less conceptual and strategic topics but pure task execution with little scope to get involved. Time for personal development, if not done in spare time, gets mostly left behind as well. Those are the fun killers of consulting.

So how do I keep the fun, satisfaction and motivation within consulting? I started working for bridge 2. A company with core principles such as…..

Trust as the core principle when interacting with employees as well as clients means for me:

  • I can express my opinions without facing any consequences. Thus, I have the opportunity to get involved
  • We move in the same direction and trying to achieve the best possible result for all of us:
    • Having room and support for personal development
    • Being perceived as a human being and individual person not only as an employee
    • Participating in the success of the company
  • I get trusted, in other words there is an open and honest culture

Having permanent exchange with my boss means that I’m never alone on a client project.

I can ask for advice and support, tell about positive events or talk about things that bother me.

The Home-Office Friday being the balance to the project week at the client’s side:

  • Time for breathing – its ok to start the day a little later than usual
  • Time for working on internal topics and tasks – I’m currently coordinating our CSR activities
  • Time for personal development – I just finished a whitepaper about negotiation strategies
  • Time for personal exchange – we usually spend our fridays at our office location, the WeWork Co-Working Office Goetheplatz

Free choice of location means that I can choose from where I would like to work on the days when I’m not required at the client’s side:

  • Living in Frankfurt, I like to come to the WeWork Office on Fridays
  • However, if I would live somewhere else, it would be fine for me to work from there

Why is this possible? I do have all the important apps and tools on my business phone so that I can use them whenever and wherever.

Combined with appreciation and a fair payment all those factors keep me happy and motivated 🙂