We believe

People often don’t listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.

A successful project combines different characters and competencies. Communication is the lube.

Because a good relationship often starts or fails before the first contract is signed.

Our portfolio

Everything starts with a plan. We are using our strong planning and communication skills to deliver your project. Our in-depth expertise in (out)sourcing scenarios brings you the decisive advantage.

We see ourselves as sourcing architects.

For us sourcing advisory goes beyond just picking up the phone and making some calls. We’re planning and coordinating complex (out) sourcing scenarios for you. If you are planning a global digitization initiative or you want to source out your IT operations to a third party provider – We would be the right partner.

We build the bridge between sales – and transition team after the contract is signed.

Often after a contract is signed, the sales team pushes along and the implementation team appears on the screen. We support you in the course of the implementation project to leverage the knowledge from the negotiation project.

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08 Feb: Our quarterly snapshot

“You are the smallest…”.Stay tuned and watch out for our quarterly update!

29 Aug: Mastering negotiations

Have you ever experienced a negotiation which went bad from your point of view?

24 Jul: Our quarterly snapshot

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04 Apr: Our quarterly snapshot

bridge2 is growing. Stay tuned and watch out for our quarterly update!

11 Feb: What is a sourcing architect

The IT Sourcing Architect for the digital transformation must be an all-rounder.

29 Jan: Why sourcing advisory recently changes

Price negotiation competencies are no longer the only USP, as the counseling need becomes a more holistic one.

Case studies

Leading Talent Management Provider


Blue Chip Financial Institution

As part of a broader digitization initiative our client decided to source and implement a new learning management software solution in over 60 countries. We accompanied the project along the full journey – starting with selecting a cloud based provider and during the complete implementation project.

Blue Chip Financial Institution


3rd party IT operations provider

Within this project we supported an integration of a very specialized in-house IT help desk into a standard 3rd party service. Besides the usual knowledge transfer- and outsourcing activities an accompanying change management stream had to be set up to prepare the effected organization.

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