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Mastering negotiations

Have you ever experienced a negotiation which went bad from your point of view?

We all have to negotiate daily and in all aspects of our lives, even if we are not always aware of it: who is going to do the grocery shopping, for instance? Who’s going to walk the dog?  What can we do about an electricity bill that’s too high or about a salary that is too low?

Even with constant practice, most of us are still not experienced negotiators, and we know how difficult and unsuccessful negotiating can be. The chances of winning in a negotiation are particularly bad if we have a weak position or little expertise with negotiating.

This applies to both private and business negotiations. However, business negotiations are often even more complex due to a larger number of participants with a diverse range of interests.

Sarah describes in her whitepaper why negotiations fail and introduces potential methods to master even complex negotiation situations. Her  recommendation – Listen carefully to better understand your counterpart’s point of view.

Read more about how to master negotiations in our whitepaper.

Share your experiences and how you mastered negotiations in the past.

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