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What is a sourcing architect

The IT Sourcing Architect for the digital transformation must be an all-rounder.

If we look at negotiation projects of financial service providers today, the process implements a wide variety of functions through experts in different departments: IT Department, IT Security Department and Data Protection Department, Purchasing Department and Legal Department, or through external legal counsel. This applies to both the provider and the buyer side.

The resulting philosophy on interests requires moderation and structure, which makes the process transparent for all parties concerned. This is the starting point for IT Sourcing Advisors today. In order to communicate successfully with the other departments and to lead the negotiations towards an acceptable solution, they must be capable of speaking on different topics. This is true with regard to IT discussions, Two-Factor Authentication, as well as to the interpretation of a new European General Data Protection Regulation. In addition, the negotiation situation needs to be controlled in a sensitive and expediting way. A partnership collaboration model involving all stakeholders is crucial.

The IT Sourcing Advisor in charge of digital transformation must therefore be an all-rounder: a mediator but also an expert, a good listener but also a moderator.

Below is a list of things that characterize him/her:

  • Settlement on the buyer and provider side
  • Support in selection, negotiation and outsourcing processes for service providers
  • Outcome: Length of negotiation
  • Success factor: Holistic, content-based understanding paired with communication skills


Read more about the impact of sourcing architectures in my whitepaper.

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